ion8 has been getting creative with Clio to offer clients more streamlined solutions at the Clio Cloud Conference.

ion8’s software developers and designers have had a busy few months. Working diligently behind the scenes, our team has been creating a range of custom-built integrations to debut at the upcoming 10th annual Clio Cloud Conference in October.

We’re so excited to introduce our new products that we’ve secured the Visionary Booth on the main concourse during the event. And we’ll also be speaking on the Product Pitch Stage – delivering a short presentation on our game-changing applications. 

We’re bringing so much with us to Clio, we’d better start packing. If you haven’t already got your ticket, now’s the time to secure your spot. Come and see what we’ve got in store. 

Our custom-built Clio apps

ion8’s new product portfolio is all about building bridges. 

We listened to clients who were using Clio and created applications that allow it to seamlessly sync with products that legal offices routinely use, such as Zoho, RingCentral, and PCLaw.

These include:

We are also now live in the RingCentral App Gallery and Clio App Directory! We’re working on getting more listed and, of course, we’ll be demonstrating a select few at Clio Cloud Conference. 

Drop by our booth (Ryman C2 Exhibit Hall – Purple Zone) for a one-on-one session or check out our on-stage presentation to get an in-depth look at how they work and the many benefits they can bring to your business. 

More than a consultant

These innovative new solutions were designed with clients in mind. Because that’s what we do. 

ion8 may be a Certified Clio Consultant but we do so much more than consult. We’re big-picture thinkers who solve real-world problems for our clients. There’s an incredible amount of talent in our team, across many different disciplines from development to design. We leverage that talent to create custom applications that enhance and improve every aspect of your business.

There are a lot of law firms in ion8’s client list, some small legal practices and some multi-office internationals. They all want the same thing – software that maximizes their resources, saves them time, and improves client service. In short: software that doesn’t slow them down.

Delivering that was our goal. And we think we nailed it. Come to the Clio Cloud Conference and let us know if you agree!