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ion8 works with Clio to create seamless digital solutions for law firms.

ion8 has built custom integration applications for Clio, Zoho, PandaDoc, RingCentral, and PCLaw.

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Reduce revenue leakage

A custom-built web app that integrates Clio with RingCentral, automating call logs, and streamline billings.

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View Contact details, Matters, call history, and notes associated with each in RingCentral. Edits made in Call Connector are automatically synced and saved in Clio.

Automate call logging

Call Connector syncs RingCentral with Clio to streamline billings and limit revenue leakage by automatically logging calls. You can view Contacts, Matters, and other details directly from Call Connector, while taking relevant notes and keeping your calls focused.

Works on all devices. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Elevate efficiency, eliminate revenue leakage, and revolutionize client communication.


per user / month
  • Streamlined Billing

  • Notes Integration

  • Data Sync and Editing

  • Data Sync and Editing

  • Business Automation

  • Real-time Updates

  • Secure Data Handling

  • Customizable Solutions

Our Clio Products

Instance Connector

Move data across Clio instances automatically and stay compliant with regional regulations with ion8’s Instance Connector.

CRM Connector

Make sure your client information and matters stay updated across both your CRM and Clio using ion8’s CRM Connector.

Matters Connector

Transfer your work hours and associated Matters from Clio to PCLaw to simplify billing and reduce the hassle of dealing with timesheets.

Attribution Dashboard

Generate reports, view analytics of all client Matters, and track attribute revenue in Clio using ion8’s Attribution Dashboard.