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Technology touches everything in your business. ion8 helps you use it better to achieve measurable goals, such as capturing more leads, making your employees more efficient, or optimizing your website to sell more and be found easily by search engines.

Technology can transform your business, but only when it is handled professionally. ion8 will help you determine your goals, then implement the software solutions that will help you achieve them, rather than working backwards and trying to sell you things that you don’t need. Our team of experts covers everything that technology and marketing touches, including website design, digital advertising, business phone systems, and much more.

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Case study 

Northwood Window & Door Centre

Products & Support from ion8 on:

  • Vonage Business
  • Zoho CRM
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Website Design & Development

Andrew Walton, owner of Northwood, spends most of his time doing sales calls and estimates for a family windows & doors business that services customers in a wide geographical area. Northwood requires solutions that allow sales staff to quickly communicate with support in the office and contractors out in the field. To this end, ion8 recommended Google Apps for Work and Zoho CRM.

The combination of both systems allows Andrew to take pictures while on client sites and have them automatically load into the CRM for generating an estimate, and to easily share estimates, pictures and plans with staff and contractors. Ion8 has been working with Northwood in establishing and supporting these systems for almost five years, and Andrew is satisfied with the results.

We started our relationship with ion8 about five years ago with the website. Everything tech-related that he’s done since has been under ion8’s guidance. ion8 helps Northwood be more efficient through the use of technology with excellent advice and product integration.

Andrew Walton, Owner

While working with ion8, Northwood was looking to solve the problems of dealing with a traditional phone system. First, there was the high cost to a small business that required more than three lines, but not many more, which automatically bumped up the price point to an unreasonable level when compared with VoIP solutions. Northwood’s other issue was tying into its CRM system, which a typical business phone system doesn’t do. While it took a lot of work to get there given challenges with the setup, ion8 successfully surmounted these challenges for Northwood and Andrew says that the call quality and CRM integration of the now-functional Vonage Business system is “very outstanding”.

There’s always a rocky period where you are trying to wrap your head around new products, but advice and support from ion8 has been excellent.

Andrew Walton

Andrew and his staff are now fully tied in together, both by phone and in the cloud. Anyone can look up what’s happening with a job anytime and know all of the details on it, without needing to call anyone else or waste any time. Projects with multiple stakeholders such as builders, contractors, and Northwood sales and support staff require this level of transparency in order to do business quickly and effectively.

We look forward to being Northwood Window & Door Centre’s technology partner of choice for many years to come – and to apply similar solutions we have made work for Andrew to other companies.