The science of change

We believe in the values of the modern knowledge worker, allowing technology to unlock vast amounts of capabilities, audience reach, cost savings, increases in productivity and other workflow efficiencies. Working in a virtual work environment removes the limitations of imposed by geographies like offices, which means we also open our talent pool up to accessing partners in markets all over North America, bringing best-of-breed thought leaders to the table with us as part of the ion8 business solution sets. ion8 means change - and we live the change we drive.

The rundown

ion8 believes in staying lean, with the ability to flex to any project’s requirements, through their wide array of partner organizations each with their own areas of specialization. Ultimately ion8 is a full-cycle marketing agency that houses strategy, design, development, content creation & curation, community management, advertising and media planning & buying, and does so all without a bricks and mortar office. ion8 works with clients to improve business process efficiencies and reduce operational overhead

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    George leads business development efforts, client strategy and partnership. George is both able to craft client business solutions and deploy the right partners to solve the client needs in the most succinct manner possible.

    George also takes care of administration and recruitment efforts for ion8. George is a certified Google Apps Sales Specialist.





unorthodox, we know. But so much cooler.



Strategy and planning are particularly important to budget sensitive startup companies, but also to established companies looking to take on modern communications and technologies for the first time. Proper business planning includes workflow efficiencies as well as company financials. ion8 understands very well the need for a great business development strategy that works in concert with marketing and communications functions.

Marketing Services

ion8’s wide array of partners facilitates the entirety of what can be considered a full-cycle shop. From branding to collateral, web, and social to advertising and content generation. From search engine optimization to television media buys, ion8 is able to address the full marketing and communications needs of any business; internal or external, big or small.


Brand is the face of any business. ion8 understands the importance of cross platform messaging and quick brand recognition. ion8 specializes in branding, and rebranding for optimal ease of use in social media and web, while taking care of all aspects of a brand’s function in all traditional senses. ion8’s branding process fuses functionality and recognizability in all of its branding and rebranding.

Web Design / Development

ion8’s unique development teams excel at custom application development, ecommerce, fund and friend-raising technologies. Our teams can scale from one developer to upwards of 15 at a time. ion8 leverages an agile development model working in sprints to facilitate quick turnaround on project delivery times.


Helping businesses navigate the uncertain waters of social media, and web 2.0 technologies is a very important and key differentiator for ion8. We take companies from positions of uncertainty to the development of their respective Thought Leadership strategies, helping to create real distinction between our clients and their competition. We do so, while making sure that social media engagement is not a negative draw on company resources, but a means of driving company transactions.

Advertising Support

Regardless of the medium, the channel or the budget, ion8 can facilitate the ad creation, placement, testing and traffic analytics. Whether you’re looking to wrap a bus, produce a radio or television spot, or run targeted PPC ads on a niche social network or blog - ion8 and its partners can manage and deploy it.

google apps

ion8 is a certified Google Apps Reseller, with George being a Certified Google Apps Sales Specialist. Google Apps are familiar tools that help people work the way they want—from anywhere, with anyone, and on any device. Flexibility is key to modern communications, Google Apps provides flexibility, redundancy, security and overall communications efficiency.


ion8 starts your organizational training by doing an organizational assessment of how your business currently uses technology to determine your workflow inefficiencies. ion8 offers a strategic roadmap for implementation and adoption of digital and technological solutions. ion8 will train your early adopters and change leaders, to ensure smooth transitions between old and new platforms.


ion8 creates business solutions for a variety of sectors looking to grow their marketing function and participant engagement - while maintaining human and fiscal capital budgets. ion8 upon occasion rolls out these solutions as stand alone solutions at arm’s length from ion8, open for public use.

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    SportRFID is a revolutionary system for capturing expression based sports videos. The fully automated process uses mounted HD cameras and radio frequency identification technology to capture a visitor's resort experiences and make them available for immediate review and online sharing.

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    ion8 helps organizations looking to improve their participant engagement levels throughout their fundraising efforts. ion8 develops communication structures to drive better fundraising efforts for not-for-profit companies of all sizes, functions and interests. ion8 has developed a stand-alone tool for rich donor engagement called LiveMeter. LiveMeter works across most big social platforms, and offers clients a mechanism for campaign credibility.


ion8 prides itself on its ability to build the right team needed to tackle any particular project. ion8 does not limit its partners to the list we highlight on our site, but we do choose to highlight those we work with most often.


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Caravan is a cooperative of web workers renowned for their large scale ecommerce and custom application development projects. Caravan specializes in early stage ground-up builds for alpha & beta round startup technology companies.

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Solea Research is a software consultancy and R&D company which specializes in robust systems built on sound engineering principles. Solea works mostly in the web, but also builds network applications with high parallelism durability as well as mobile applications.


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ViWo’s mission is to help organizations large and small realize the many benefits of modern cloud technology. Founded in 2004 ViWo has transitioned over 3000 business to the cloud. ViWo is ion8’s deployment partner for Google Apps and Single Sign-On technologies. ViWo’s specialists and project managers maintain certifications in all relevant technology and keep up on industry trends and best practices ensuring smooth deployments and excellent customer service.


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Apptivo is a leading provider of web based business applications that are designed to serve the end-to-end needs of small and medium sized businesses. The Apptivo platform is built on a unique, fully integrated architecture that enables companies to run all of their business processes without worrying about information being scattered across many different applications and managing multiple systems.


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Award winning videographer & photographer Ed Regan provides ion8’s clients with unsurpassed commercial mediography to address all brand / art direction needs for any type of media delivery channel.


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James’s expertise in production, copywriting, content development and media strategy has helped clients see their vision through a different lens. A wordsmith by trade, James understands the importance of communications - both internally and externally - and the role it plays in the seamless execution of new projects. James is a classically trained investigative journalist and researcher, able to deliver actionable research and data insights for our clients.


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Red Lion Digital delivers all aspects of web advertising, analytics with specialization on Search Engine Optimization and reverse SEO, commonly referred to as reputation management. Red Lion handles all aspects of non-organic traffic delivery. Hula Hosting is a wholly own subsidiary of Red Lion, and provides ion8’s clients with inexpensive, redundant and secure hosting.