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Integrate with Clio

Clio is clearly the best practice management solution to use. But what about everything Clio doesn’t manage?

From sales tools to client phone calls and emails, we can help integrate everything that happens in your business with Clio. ion8 can help you:

Capture billable hours with reminders after a phone call

Automatically create records in Clio from other software

Connect different phone systems with Clio

Record phone calls and store them securely in Google Vault

Set you up with Google Apps for Work for greater security and efficiency

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Zoho & Clio

  • Qualify your leads with Zoho CRM
  • Improve security by creating leads from web forms in Zoho
  • Auto-create records in Clio from Zoho CRM once cases are opened
  • Capture all email and voice communications in Zoho and Clio
  • Remarketing capabilities including email newsletters with Zoho

Get the process started of fully integrating all of your business practices with Clio.

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Merge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) With Clio

Clio is an excellent practice management solution, but it only creates a record at the end of your sales cycle when a case is opened. It also doesn’t have any native marketing capabilities, such as the ability to send an email newsletter to your clients.

Zoho CRM enables you to create a record based on an initial phone call or email. Any notes that you make on that client’s record, including all of their contact information, will automatically be imported to Clio when you open their case. Our Zoho/Clio bridge allows you to work seamlessly between the two applications, ensuring that information is always captured and you don’t lose track of a potential client.

Zoho CRM has many marketing capabilities, including email newsletters, social media management, the ability to import leads and create contacts directly from website forms, and much more. All at a price that is much more affordable than similar CRM solutions.

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Integrating Phone Calls into Zoho and Clio

Up to 20% of law firms have reported financial loss due to poor reporting practices. Our phone system integration makes up for this large shortfall with solid call reporting integrated directly with Clio.

We can integrate many different phone systems, including Vonage, with Zoho CRM and Clio — or just Clio if you don’t want to use a CRM tool. Log all of your important calls in Clio, and get pop-up reminders for billing on your computer when you finish a business call on either your office phone or mobile. This functionality allows you to bill time instantly in Clio for a phone call, and keeps track of client communication within Clio — all with one simple integration customized for your business needs.

Call Recording App With Secure Backup

Our call recording app will record all of your firm’s voice communications, or just some from certain employees if those are the permissions you want to set. If you choose, you give practice management access to all calls, while restricting access to recordings for other employees.

All recordings are uploaded to both Google Drive and Google Vault. If an employee erases a recording in Google Drive, they will not be able to access the Google Vault secure backup, which logs all recordings in a legally acceptable format including timestamps and more.

Call recordings are searchable based on client name, case number, or any other parameters you want to set, and all information is directly fed into your client’s Clio record.

You must have a subscription to Google Apps for Work Unlimited in order for this to work, which we can also manage for you as a Google Apps for Work Partner.

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Google Apps for Work —
Better collaboration, security and more

Many law practices are locked into the Microsoft Office ecosystem, where files are created on individual devices, get lost in emails, and huge licensing fees have to be paid every year.

By transitioning to Google Apps for Work, your firm will be able to store all files in the cloud securely, and permitted employees can access them from anywhere. Imagine being in the courtroom and being able to access all documents pertaining to your clients case from your smartphone, and work on them remotely with other partners and employees in real time.

Google Vault stores all communications, including emails securely and with necessary legal information such as timestamps. Every email, document and presentation your firm creates can be stored in Google Vault, and you have complete control over which files are deleted and which are stored.

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Why ion8?

ion8 works with Clio-enabled law practices to ensure a seamless experience across the entire practice. Our Clio consultants are familiar with many technologies that can simply make your practice better. We integrate your communications, improve your security and efficiency, and recommend solutions that work specifically for your firm. We also design invoices that look good in Clio and make other customizations to Clio that your firm requires.

Contact us today and we’ll get the process started of fully integrating all of your business practices with Clio.

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