Transfer data from multiple regions to one Clio instance

ion8’s Instance Connector makes it possible for you to transfer and sync data from one Clio instance to another. With the Instance Connector, you can move Groups, Contacts, Matters, Bank Accounts, Documents, and much more between multiple Clio instances. Migrate information across Clio domains or delegate Matters from the Clio instance of one law firm to another.

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Migrate and Sync Data Easily

Don’t worry about data transfer! Move your data from one Clio account to another and sync all your client information without any data loss with ion8’s Instance Connector. Choose which information to transfer, and how you’d like to sync it – one or two way. All transfers are done by ion8, so you can sit back and relax!

Customized Data Sync

Choose what data to sync from one or more Clio accounts to another. Segregate data from one account to another based on region, practise areas, or any other custom fields.

Cater to Regulatory Compliance

For a business with international offices and client, it might be necessary to store data in a particular server location for regulatory purposes. ion8 Instance Connector helps you solve this problem and stay compliant by moving data across Clio domains in Canada, Europe, and the United States.


One-time Migration

Expanding your offices or going through M&A? Transfer your data with speed using Instance Connector.



Need customization for one-way or two-way syncing? Contact us to discuss your requirements

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