The ion8 services ecosystem

Our three main areas of delivery all work together to ensure project success. Our typical project scope touches all three of the core areas of business management.

ion8 services ecosystem

Business process and strategy

  • CRM and business software ecosystems

  • Federal and provincial grants, funding applications, and expertise

  • Software and cloud systems implementation

  • eLearning and training for new process, systems, and software

Business process and strategy

Software development and deployment

  • Full-stack engineering

  • Bespoke solutions, integrations, and middleware

  • Web apps

  • User interface and experience (UX/UI)

  • Security, testing, and quality assurance process

  • Website and application maintenance

  • Marketing integrations checks and protocols

Software development and deployment

Marketing, communications, and design

  • Analytics, optimization, and spend attribution

  • Intelligent website design and development

  • Customer engagement and relationship management strategy

  • Branding, brand research, and content strategy¬†

  • Tactical content and SEO campaigns

  • Advertising and promotion

Marketing, communications and design