Video marketing remains the king of driving engagement online, with 92% of mobile viewers sharing videos with others, and 52% of consumers reporting that videos make them more confident when purchasing products online. Videos can be an invaluable tool in your digital marketing arsel, letting you show off your products in action and tell customers why they should choose your business over a competitor’s. They also serve as an easy way to educate customers, and when done correctly, can even be used as a replacement to regular blog posts. Here are a few low-cost ways your business can produce and incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy.

Video podcasts can be extremely versatile

With podcasts dominating the landscape, there are increasingly few reasons why your business can’t get in on the action. Producing a podcast is a budget-friendly way to connect with your audience and educate your customers. With just a computer, microphone, webcam, editing software and a few minutes of your time, you can help your customers overcome problems, answer pressing questions they might have relating to your products, service, and industry as a whole, and offer an entertaining (and informative) look behind-the-scenes at your organization.

Video blogs can be used to replace blogs on your business’s website, and can be easily sent to newsletter subscribers to ensure they stay in-the-loop. Your podcasts can be edited down to bite size snippets, allowing you and your customers to share them on social media and encourage viewers to seek out more of your content. For an added personal touch, holding regular live videos on Facebook Live or YouTube can help you connect with customers and followers in real-time, and can be posted to your website or YouTube channel for later viewing by those who couldn’t watch live. Creating podcasts is an affordable way to produce compelling video content without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time.

Promotional videos for social media

If longform videos aren’t your thing, quick promotional videos can be easily produced for a low cost and shared with customers on social media. Creating short videos every month is a viable way to distribute video content, and won’t take up much of your time. Things like customer testimonials, success stories, and products or services in action can be produced at a low cost with a smartphone or inexpensive camera. All a promotional video requires is something like a talking head, hands-on demonstration, or even a simple animation.

These videos are a great way to show how loyal your customer base is, how happy past and present customers are with what your business has to offer, and can be a great way to show first-hand how your products and services can change a customer’s life. Once they’ve been produced, these inexpensive videos can be easily embedded on your website, shared on social media channels, and sent out to subscribers through a monthly newsletter.

Show off your team in action

Perhaps the most affordable video marketing option is to simply record your team’s interactions with customers. This can be done during on-site visits at a client’s house or business, while your team is providing a consultation to a customer, while a product or service is being delivered/performed, or after a successful transaction has taken place. Showing your customers how well your team works and what you actually do while on-site is priceless, letting your customers rest easy knowing they’re in good hands. Promotional items or small discounts can be offered to customers who agree to let these experiences be filmed, offering your business quick, easy, and infinitely shareable feel-good content.

Incorporating video content into your marketing strategy can have a major effect on how customers engage with your business. For the price of a smartphone or low-cost camera, you can easily shoot, edit, and share feel-good content that gives customers a sneak peak into your operations, shows them how satisfied other customers are, and allows them to see your products and services in action.

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