Sync data seamlessly between your CRM and Clio with ion8

Convert the leads from your CRM into Contacts in Clio with ion8’s CRM Connector.

Sync data easily

ion8’s CRM Connector allows both your CRM and Clio to stay updated without the need to toggle between systems. You can also choose the fields you want to sync and keep the remaining fields independent.

Handle billing data

Make billing easy with CRM Connector. Create bills in Clio based on your legal Matters and get invoices automatically created in your CRM, making it convenient for your accounting team to use.

One-stop configuration

ion8’s CRM Connector reduces the need for multiple configurations across apps. Tasks and events set up in the CRM are automatically created in Clio Manage, allowing your legal team to access them easily.

Our Clio Products

Call Connector

A custom-built web app that integrates RingCentral with Clio, automating call logs to limit revenue leakage.

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Instance Connector

Move data across Clio instances automatically and stay compliant with regional regulations with ion8’s Instance Connector.

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Matters Connector

Transfer your work hours and associated Matters from Clio to PCLaw to simplify billing and reduce the hassle of dealing with timesheets.

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Attribution Dashboard

Generate reports, view analytics of all client Matters, and track attribute revenue in Clio using ion8’s Attribution Dashboard.

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