Full Stack Engineer

ion8 is a full-cycle business management consultancy that combines deep industry knowledge with the highest technical expertise in the market to create tailored solutions to overcome our client's business challenges and create disruptive growth.

Note: This is a remote position for Canadian residents only. The employment term is flexible (full-time, part-time, or contract). Compensation will be based on experience.

Full Stack Developers at ion8 are engineers with a wide array of skills across all the technical environments we work with. They are comfortable working for any client or on any system in our portfolio, and can produce capable, readable and well-designed code for both back-end and front-end applications.



Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Working on the front-end or the back-end code for any of our in-house or client projects.
  • Peer reviewing code written by their teammates.
  • Building and maintaining developer tools for internal use.
  • Building and maintaining Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery systems.
  • Writing unit tests and integration tests.
  • Writing world-class documentation.
  • Releasing new versions of our software into production.
  • Maintaining third-party services for monitoring, logging, and telemetry.
  • Responding to and resolving incidents and outages (inside of normal work hours).
  • Writing Infrastructure as Code, and working with hosting platforms.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting Zoho applications, and making changes to workflows and Deluge scripts as requested by our clients.
  • Possess excellent grasp of the following technologies, or equivalent: Python 3; JavaScript; NextJS / React; HTML / JSX / CSS; TailwindCSS (or similar); Python web-frameworks like FastAPI, Flask or Django; CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions or Jenkins; Linux servers; Restful APIs; Change management systems like Jira.
  • Be comfortable with several of the following, and willing to learn the rest: Zoho applications and Zoho APIs; Deluge and Zoho CRM workflows; SCSS or Sass; Managing relational or document-based databases like PostgreSQL or MongoDB; Working with DaaS databases, like Firebase; Serverless hosts like Netlify, Vercel or Railway; Google Cloud Platform services; Testing frameworks like pytest, CodeceptJS or Cypress.
  • Possess several crucial soft skills, such as: Version control; Writing great documentation; Code review; Must be a strong communicator; Ability to mentor and teach; Estimating work; Working with clients to set the right expectations and requirements.

Note: When looking for engineers, ion8 does not consider years of experience or academic background - we only care about what you know. How you attained that knowledge is irrelevant to us. Several of our best engineers are self-taught and passionate individuals who neither had relevant education nor work experience when we found them, but who proved themselves to be strong engineers nevertheless. We will always hire the best candidate, regardless of their background.

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