Businesses everywhere are slowly settling-in to working from home. Remote work is set to become the norm for the foreseeable future. While remote work offers a wide variety of new conveniences and opportunities for businesses, one major issue is dawning: the issue of how to get important documents and contracts drawn-up sent, and legally signed in a convenient and timely manner. In these unique circumstances, digital signatures offer a saving grace for businesses transitioning into remote work.

In order for your organization to be adequately prepared to handle digital signatures, there are two tools you should have at your disposal – Zoho Sign and PandaDoc. Together, these tools let you easily draw up legally binding contracts and get legally-binding signatures quickly and efficiently. With remote work looking to become the norm for the long-term, no arsenal is complete without Sign and PandaDoc.

**Are digital signatures legal?
**Yes, digital signatures are perfectly legal. In a court of law, they carry the same weight as pen and paper signatures. Countries around the world have been moving towards adopting digital signatures as a legally binding way of signing contracts and documents. Tools used to sign documents digitally use advanced security features and encrypted cryptographic techniques to ensure that all signatures are authentic, and prove the integrity and non-repudiation of contracts signed in this way. In these times of uncertainty, your business can take solace in knowing that all documents signed digitally are going to hold up in a court of law.

**PandaDoc gives you the power to create engaging documents quicker than ever before
**PandaDoc proves that business documents don’t have to be boring and ugly, instead, letting you and your team efficiently create vibrant, highly engaging sales proposals, quotes, and long-term service contracts that are guaranteed to impress clients. PandaDoc helps you put together documents faster than ever before so your clients can review and sign, meaning your team can go to work quicker and more confidently. Documents can be edited by team members on the fly, ensuring that everything is perfect before documents are sent off.

Once they’ve been sent to clients, they can sign them using PandaDoc’s secure and legally-binding eSignature software, providing electronic certificates with every signed document. With PandaDoc’s engagement and activity reporting features, you’ll never be out of the loop once a document has been sent off, offering insight into how many have viewed the documents, how much time was spent reading them, and more. For added convenience, PandaDoc integrates with all your favourite tools, including Zoho CRM, Google Drive, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and more. In addition, ion8 has developed the exclusive PandaBooks solution, letting you tie PandaDoc with your favourite business accounting solutions.

**Zoho Sign integrates with your favourite apps to get signatures on time
**Where PandaDoc excels at allowing your business to easily build engaging long-form service agreements and contracts, Zoho Sign shines with its level of customization and ease of use, making it perfect for quickly gleaning eSignatures from clients for one-off items and less complex documents. Documents are signed securely using Zoho’s bank-level data encryption and multi-factor authentication features, providing you with an audit trail that helps you prove that all signatures are legal.

Zoho Sign features customizable templates that let your brand image stand apart from others, notifications that let you know when documents have been viewed, signed, and completed, as well as group and private messaging features that let you stay in contact with signers and reminders that help to ensure that important signatures can’t slip through the cracks. For documents involving multiple recipients, a signing order can be easily set to help your business better control when documents are sent out for signatures.

In these difficult times when remote work has become the norm for the majority of businesses, your employees require access to tools that allow them to craft engaging, customized documents and agreements that can be easily viewed and signed by clients and partners. Digital signatures ensure that your company can continue to thrive, letting you securely and legally obtain signatures on sales proposals, contracts, quotes, and more. In a post-COVID world, no business’s tech arsenal should be without tools like PandaDoc and Zoho Sign.

For more information about PandaDoc and Zoho One, the suite of apps that includes Zoho Sign, contact us today.