With Halloween right around the corner, now is the best time to be on the lookout for zombies. You know exactly the type – slow, unintuitive, lacks any sort of advanced intelligence and is just plain ugly. If your website fits any of the above descriptions, then you may have a zombie website that is holding back your organization and costing you sales. Having your website brought back from the dead doesn’t need to be an intimidating prospect – in fact, your business will immediately start to see the benefits from an upgrade to a modern web presence that is integrated with the rest of your business.

Why should I leave my zombie website behind?

Many organizations choose not to upgrade their websites because at a glance they seem to be “doing the trick” or “getting by”. But are these things really good enough for your business? Your website serves as a constant promotion for your organization, capturing leads, building your brand in the eyes of viewers, and showing audiences everything your business has to offer.

Bringing your website back to life can reap a number of benefits for your business, including more effectively turning leads into tangible sales, capturing vital analytics that will allow your business to better target and sell to specific audiences, tracking of digital ads, and hosting engaging content that will encourage audiences to continually visit your organization’s website. By holding onto a website that’s just “good enough”, you’re holding your business back from achieving its true potential in the digital age.

The benefits of bringing my website back from the dead

Your website can be transformed into a strategic advantage for your business. A refreshed website will capture valuable data for your business after proper analytics integration, allowing you to more effectively measure the success of your organization’s digital marketing efforts, and make better-educated decisions in terms of broadening your digital presence. Properly installed analytics will show you how many visitors are viewing each page on your website, their demographic breakdown, how long their visit lasts, where they are viewing from, and whether or not they responded to existing calls to action. This can help your business fine-tune its calls to action and tailor digital marketing efforts to better suit your audience and increase your online presence, encouraging action and turning more leads into sales.

A truly modern website will also feature seamless integration with your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, allowing you to accurately capture leads and use that valuable information to turn them into sales. Integrating your CRM with your newly updated website gives you and your team instant access to accurate and up-to-date customer information, reduces the number of administrative efforts needed, and allows you to better profile customers and leads to determine their true value to your business.

The ROI of your newly resurrected website

The switch to a website that’s “alive” will start to present major benefits and opportunities for your organization almost immediately. One of these ways is that the leads generated from your website will be captured in your CRM solution, helping your sales staff better address the wants and needs of potential clients and form meaningful relationships with them. This, combined with more accurate lead profiling and increased organization through website-CRM integration will increase your company’s bottom line by more effectively converting leads into long-term clients.

Your team will be able to respond to customer inquiries faster and more effectively with an updated CRM-integrated website, reducing customer churn and ensuring that nobody gets lost in the shuffle. You’ll be able to see the cost of each lead by source, giving you insight into your digital advertising that the advertising platforms themselves do not give. You can also see what pages and blogs are leading to conversions on your site and the quantity and quality of those conversions. Your organization will be able to put its digital marketing strategies into perspective with this improved analytics, allowing you to refine and refocus your efforts where necessary, using modern strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, and white papers that will direct more eyes to everything your business has to offer.

The walking dead don’t have to stay dead – updating your website presents your business with the unique opportunity to resuscitate your organization’s online presence. To find out how ion8 can positively charge your business through effective digital strategy implementation and software and communication solution implementation, contact ion8 today.