Since its inception, Facebook has become an important medium for businesses to reach new and existing clients. Having a Facebook business page is commonplace, serving as an essential part of nearly every organization’s digital marketing strategy. Facebook business pages are free, and offer businesses a way to quickly connect with their customers, sharing important updates, new, and events, and even troubleshooting customer issues in real time.

Since Facebook business pages are public, they can be discovered by anybody, at any time, making it far easier for potential customers to find and interact with your business online. If your business isn’t making the most out of a Facebook page, not only are you missing out on opportunities for stronger connections, but you’re losing out on a major advertising platform. But did you know there’s a better way to manage them than through your personal profile? Enter Facebook for Business. 

Why use Facebook for Business?

Besides it being a free and easy way to interact with an already massive built-in audience, Facebook business pages allow you to share original content with your customers and those who may be interested in what your business has to offer, allowing you to establish and build trust and credibility in your sector. Building your brand by establishing your business as a leader in your industry means broadening the horizons of your organization, and encouraging customers to spread the word about why your business is superior to competitors. You’ll also be able to verify that your business is legitimate, signaling to users that they can trust the content they see and the interactions they might have with your brand.

Facebook pages allow your customer service representatives to resolve issues with customers, and offers past and present customers to leave reviews for your business, where they’ll be seen by future customers and play an important role in influencing their purchasing decisions. Connecting your business page with Instagram gives you even more benefits, making it easier for users to contact your business immediately, meaning more conversions for your business. Pages also offer insights into who’s looking at your page and engaging with your brand, where they live, what they enjoy, and when they’re visiting, helping you better understand your audience so you can tailor posts and campaigns to better connect with your customers.

Running targeted ad campaigns on Facebook

Not only can you share posts and interact with your audience, but a Facebook business page gives you the chance to use Facebook’s advanced advertising platform. Using fully targeted campaigns, your business can quickly grow its brand and audience by reaching those who are most likely to become customers or follow the page. All you have to do is design your ads, set a realistic budget, and plan for what you want your campaigns to do. Using striking images, engaging videos, or captivating copy to capture the imagination of your audience has never been easier than it is with Facebooks Ads.

Are you looking to increase conversions? Improve your brand image? Increase the amount of followers your page has? Promote an upcoming event or promotion? Targeted advertising makes this all possible, letting you reach users from all around the city, region, country, or even the world, all of whom will truly appreciate everything that makes your business unique.

The benefits of Facebook Business Manager

With the Facebook Business Manager, members of your team can interact with users, share engaging content, and plan and execute targeted ad campaigns without logging into their personal account. While they’ll need an account to accept an invitation to manage a page through the Business Manager, they’ll never again need to use their personal account for work purposes. 

This means less distractions in the workplace, and a more streamlined experience for business managers. All you have to do is type in, log into your page, and you’ve just skipped over logging into your personal account to manage your page. In fact, you should disassociate your personal account from your business page as a best practice and just use your own work email, even if you are the company owner. 

The Business Manager can be used by members of your team, vendors, partners, and advertising agencies, serving as a central location for handling Facebook advertising and every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Better yet is that businesses can now set their Business Manager as the owner of the page, appearing more professional than listing whichever employee set up the account as the page owner. Business Manager even allows businesses to improve page transparency that assures customers that they can trust your business and offers important information about your business page.

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