With no end to the current coronavirus pandemic in sight, it’s more important than ever for companies to ensure the safety and well-being of employees as workplaces start to reopen and staff return to the office. Whether that means all employees or a limited workforce, a safe and successful return to normal operations is the priority for companies to sustain business in these uncertain times.

True to their commitment to creating beautiful solution-based software, Zoho has launched BackToWork, an all-in-one, ready to use app that empowers organizations to return to the workplace safely and securely.

Zoho has invested in digital transformation for success and safety

Because there are major challenges involved in reopening businesses during COVID-19, digital transformation of the company is required to ensure safety and success. Now more than ever before employers are focusing on safety as a core part of their business. 

Whether by ensuring regular self-assessments, contact tracing and availability of necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), adhering to government guidelines and creating new company policies or by having a detailed plan of action in order to respond to new cases when they occur, companies need to develop proactive policies to help keep the curve flattened.

Four Important Things to Keep in Mind for a Safe Return to the Office

Zoho recognizes that there are four important aspects to successfully negotiating the return to the office: ensuring employee safety, publishing compliance guidelines, effectively communicating with employees and stakeholders and managing assets and facilities.  With these in mind, Zoho developed the BackToWork app with six pre-built modules that cover all of the aspects an organization will encounter when initiating a return to the workplace.

The Admin control center allows you to welcome your employees back to a safer office space and empowers management to assess the preparedness of facilities better, as well as  view individual employee health statuses.

The Wellness module provides a dashboard that lets you circulate and collect self-assessment and contact-tracing forms, and oversee organization-wide health information.

The Safe entry module determines which employees are ready to return to the office by allowing the performance of employee self-assessments, the segregation of high-risk groups, and the evaluation of entry requests from both employees and visitors.

The Employee self-service module manages assets,  anything from office supplies to hand sanitizer to cleaning and maintenance.

The Communications module facilitates communication with employees over the phone and the web. Share compliance guidelines, best practices, and health and safety announcements in a coordinated manner.

And finally, the Volunteer module assists organizations with employee recruitment and the organization of volunteer drives, letting you give back to your community when it needs it most.

Usability and practicality are the hallmarks of BackToWork

There’s no learning curve with BackToWork. Detailed step-by-step documentation makes adoption seamless. From the one-step sign up, allowing organization deployment in a single  step to employee integration by importing or uploading from an existing employee list or with HR software, the app is practical and user-friendly. Employees can even access the application at any time on the web or from iOS and Android devices. 

Zoho BackToWork is scalable and modular, so that it can be customized to meet the needs of any sized business. And since it’s available in 62 different languages it can be implemented in any office, world-wide. The underlying platform, Zoho Creator, supports the customization of workflows as well as AI, third-party integrations, web portals, and so much more.

Finally, as an integral part of their ongoing effort to support businesses during these trying and uncertain times and assist organizations preparing for the next normal,  Zoho is offering BackToWork free of charge until the end of 2020.  

ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner. Let our full team of experienced Zoho consultants help you implement this new initiative and assist with a safe, successful return to the office. Our team is ready to ensure that you have every tool at hand to work in the workplace, or remotely. For more information about everything that ion8 can do for your business, contact us today.