When it comes to productivity suites, there’s nothing more popular than Google’s G Suite, which brings together beloved apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and Hangouts Meet into one seamless cloud-based package.

It’s estimated that well over 5 million businesses around the world currently use G Suite in the workplace, making it one of the most dominant technology solutions in the world. G Suite has been renowned for its ease-of-use, nearly endless amount of integrations, ability to enhance productivity and collaboration, and the wide variety of advanced functions and features available to business users.

**Using G Suite to increase productivity and enhance collaboration
**Having the ability to work from anywhere is the key to success in a world that never stops moving. G Suite’s cloud-based platform lets your team access files and documents from anywhere, no matter what device they’re using.

Whether it’s answering emails before catching a flight, adding those last minute touches to a proposal, or communicating with remote teammates before a sales pitch, G Suite lets you work faster, smarter, and more productively without sacrificing a simple user experience. Google’s enterprise-level security means that your emails, files, and documents are secure at all times, with G Suite Admins being able to grant and revoke user permissions where necessary.

Collaboration, too, is a major concern for modern businesses – especially in times of crisis when working from home isn’t optional. G Suite enhances the remote collaboration experience, letting your team members work together in real time in documents, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, and more.

Not only can your employees view, share and edit files seamlessly, but they can also keep track of changes made by every user with access to a file, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about lost work again. G Suite apps also support a wide variety of file types, working seamlessly with ecosystems like Microsoft, letting you import and export files that meet the needs of your clients and partners.

**Advanced features and integrations to help you work faster and smarter
**G Suite’s bevy of intelligent features helps businesses to work smarter, faster, and more securely than ever before. With G Suite, your business is better prepared to uphold browser policies using Google Chrome’s browser management feature, which allows employers to easily set and apply user policies to ensure compliance and enhanced security. Managing devices is easy too with G Suite’s mobile device management capabilities, giving Admins the power to authorize mobile devices, wipe user accounts if a device is stolen or compromised, set up activity alerts, and view every mobile device across your organization.

The many integrations made possible by G Suite also enables your workforce to work smarter and faster, cutting out time consuming processes and streamlining operations so your employees can focus on the task at hand. In addition to supporting ecosystems like Microsoft Office 365 and Zoho, G Suite can be easily integrated with a wide variety of workplace solutions including CRMs, project management software like Asana, finance and accounting solutions like Zoho Invoice, customer support platforms like Freshdesk, as well as encryption, business communications, e-signature solutions, and more.

**The perfect companion to Zoho One
**Businesses currently enjoying Zoho One, or even just one solution such as Zoho CRM, can enhance their experience by integrating G Suite with Zoho apps. Zoho’s collection of apps can be perfectly integrated with G Suite by a Zoho Advanced Partner, giving your business the tools needed to succeed. Bringing together Zoho CRM and G Suite is one of the best ways to leverage these powerful cloud-based apps, giving your employees the power to view and reply to Gmail conversations from CRM, access Drive files directly, manage a two-way sync between CRM and Google Calendar, and so much more.

G Suite can also be seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books, letting you attach Drive files directly to estimates and purchase statements, important Google contacts into Zoho Books, and use the Google Chrome extension to easily log work time. For businesses looking to more effectively manage projects, G Suite and Zoho Projects seamlessly integrates to help your teams keep track of tasks, milestones, and events in Google Calendar, track and edit tasks in Google Tasks, break down data in Google Sheets, and attach files directly from Google Drive.

G Suite offers modern workplaces a secure cloud-based solution to increase productivity, enhance collaboration through an unmatched line of apps, intelligent features, and seamless integrations to help your team work smarter and faster from anywhere. Bringing together G Suite and Zoho enables your workforce to take advantage of dozens of integrations, giving your team the power to improve customer relationships, send and receive estimates and invoices, and manage projects more effectively.

ion8 is a Google Partner and Zoho Advanced Partner with a full team of certified consultants, developers, and other experts ready to revolutionize your business through the seamless implementation and integration of cloud-based solutions like G Suite and Zoho One. To find out more about how ion8 can transform the way you do business, contact us today.