If your website isn’t gathering data on your leads, it’s nothing more than an expensive business card. It is possible to get massive amounts of data on your website visitors and leads over and above that which is offered in Google Analytics. This data enables your business to calculate actual ROI on your digital advertising and tweak content and ads to attract more of what is working for your business.

Some of this data includes:

  • Measuring ROI accurately for Google, Facebook and other digital ads over and above the reports that individual channels offer, in one Return on Ad Spend dashboard in Zoho CRM
  • Being able to see the customer journey from the first touch to conversion
  • Recognizing what content converts and what doesn’t, effectively measuring the ROI of each page

**Complete marketing monitoring in one dashboard for a fraction of the cost
**The kind of tools that offer up these more advanced analytics can help you build a multi-touch attribution model. These solutions allow you to measure every aspect of the customer journey from multiple channels in one dashboard. Typically, the kind of tools that offer this kind of measurement are very expensive, but ion8 can help you build a basic multi-touch attribution model dashboard for a fraction of the cost of these tools using Zoho CRM and Google Analytics.

**We enable Zoho CRM to measure more than Google Ads in real-time
**Zoho CRM already has the ability to tell you what is working and what isn’t with Google Ads. However, it does not do it for any other platform, and it doesn’t do it in real-time. ion8 can integrate any digital platform with Zoho CRM so you can view how all of your channels are performing in one easy dashboard.

The importance of doing this all in real-time can’t be understated. While Google Ads will do automatic adjustments and cycle out underperforming ads, it is much better for you to see if ads in a particular campaign are underperforming right at launch. That way the budget can be adjusted, the “bad” ads switched out for better ones, and so on rather than waiting a few days to get aggregate data that you only act on when the campaign has been in-market for a while, burning the budget the entire time. This is especially powerful for marketing agencies that need to be nimble with client budgets but is useful for any business.

**Track the customer journey from first-touch to conversion
**In the digital marketing world, “first-touch” refers to the visitor’s first website visit. Typically, a client does not purchase at first-touch. They circle around your business and finally convert once they have made their decision. Our integration shows you that entire customer journey, from first-touch to any further visits they make to your website throughout the journey, right up until the conversion point where they fill out a form or make a purchase. Their data is stored in Zoho CRM with unique identifiers that allow us to name them when they fill out a form. This is massively valuable data that will show what customers are looking for so you can pivot your content strategy to give them more of what they love and less of what they don’t. This information can also inform your digital ads with key phrases that are focused around the multiple touchpoints, not just the first touch and conversion.

Let’s use the example of a blog post. If you sell camera equipment to professional photographers, maybe you have a blog about how to shoot at the time of day when you get the best natural light and what equipment is best for this application. Hopefully, you’re using inline linking in your blog so you provide links to the equipment that is being sold on your site. Your customer searches for “best equipment to use to shoot in natural light” and lands on your blog. That’s the first touch.

They read it and make a mental note to come back later to purchase some of that equipment. Two months later, they get a bonus payment and put aside some of that money for photography equipment. They hit your site again, follow the links to purchase the equipment, think of something else they need, and make a shopping list. They check out your “About Us” page to build their trust. A week later, after shopping around, they see a Facebook ad for your business (because you’re using retargeting, right?) and remember that they need to go back and buy that equipment. They purchase, convert, and we have captured every single touchpoint on that journey.

This allows you to see what content is driving awareness versus sales too. Not that awareness is bad, but you would put less budget into a brand awareness campaign than a sales campaign. You may have a Google Ads campaign that talks about how great your business is, how long it has been in business, and so on. Our integration will show you if that campaign is driving sales or just awareness, which can help you make decisions about where your advertising dollars should go.

**Why Zoho CRM instead of Other Solutions: Actual ROI and Customer Journey Visualization
**You can subscribe to other reporting solutions that will let you see your marketing performance in one dashboard – but viewing it in Zoho CRM will give you a much better idea of your actual ROI by showing you exactly how much a deal was worth, and what the customer journey was so you can tweak content and ads. Plus, if you have a business where customers make repeat purchases, you can calculate the ROI over time and see what content and ad platforms bring you, long-term customers.

**How ion8 does it all with our Zoho experts
**There is lots of tweaking in the background that has to be done in order to make this work. ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner and we are one of a select few of those partners that has developers on staff that can do these custom integrations. We’ll make sure that your web forms and other channels are merged properly with your Zoho installation so that all of the data flows like water into your dashboard. Contact us today to get this and other custom integrations for Zoho One working for your business.