Google is finally saying goodbye to Google+ for G Suite, having announced last year that it will be officially replaced by Google Currents on July 6th, 2020. While Google+ was shut down in early 2019, the enterprise version continued to be available for business users to use for internal communications. After July 6th, any existing Google+ enterprise users and links will soon be transitioned and redirected to the newly introduced tool.

Google Currents is set to be available to all G Suite users, enhancing the ability for businesses to keep employees engaged and promote meaningful conversations between colleagues. Currents is a perfect counterpart to Slack for workplaces, giving teams a place where they can easily share images, links, polls, and other content from Google Drive.

**The move from Google+ for G Suite to Google Currents
**The disintegration of Google+ is a long time coming, having been planned since early 2019. Google+ previously served as a way for businesses to keep teams in the loop, offering a convenient location for employees to communicate and share resources. The introduction of Google Currents, which has been in beta for some time, will offer users a more intuitive experience. Currents features a collaborative stream similar to those found in Slack or Microsoft Teams, where users will be able to quickly keep in touch and share links, videos, images, and important announcements.

**Keep your employees engaged with Google Currents
**With the majority of people currently working from home, keeping your employees engaged and in the loop is more important than ever. Google Currents looks to make that easier for employers, offering an easy-to-use stream where employers and teams can post announcements, hold meaningful conversations, and share links, photos, videos, memes, and other files direct from Google Drive.

This is a great way to reduce the amount of emails sent out to your workforce, instead allowing users to quickly gather feedback on policies, rules, and changes to the organization, generate new ideas, hold polls, and keep teams up-to-date on important new developments without flooding inboxes or holding endless conference calls.

Streams can be sorted by relevance and chronology to keep things organized, and posts made by managers, employers, or other high ranking employees can be given precedence to appear at the top of feeds. Private communities can also be created, making it possible to interact with users outside of your organization. From the admin console, G Suite Admins will have the ability to share and revoke access with employees, moderate conversations, manage domain settings, and more. Metrics are also available to help admins better measure employee engagement, allowing you to fine tune your internal communications strategy when something isn’t working.

Businesses everywhere have been using tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams to make workplace-wide communication convenient, giving users access to a clean interface where ideas can be exchanged in unique channels, teams can get organized on projects, and workplaces can come together in a deeper, more meaningful way. Google Currents now makes this a possibility for G Suite users, improving workplace connections at a time where open and transparent communication is more important than ever before.

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