Having quick and easy access to your files is crucial in the modern workplace. The ability to instantly access and backup important data means being able to increase productivity and reduce the chances of permanent data loss. In order to protect your business and customers, it’s critical that you ensure that the correct backups have been set up, and that your employees have constant access to their up-to-date files. 

For businesses harnessing the power of G Suite, Google Drive File Stream and Google Backup and Sync are the two best ways to ensure that your data remains protected at all times and easily accessible by your team.

Access Drive files quickly with Google Drive File Stream

Having instant access to your Google Drive files lets your team improve productivity without worries about taking up valuable disk space or network bandwidth. Drive File Stream allows your team to quickly and easily access Google Drive files directly from your computer, freeing up space on your hard drive and using far less time syncing files. 

In essence, File Stream works the same way as IMAP for your email – you’ll be able to access Drive files without the need to download or store them on your computer. When you make changes to files, they’ll be automatically synced to the cloud, and all users will get the most recent version.

Using Drive File Stream, you can stream Drive files from the cloud to your computer – any changes made to documents or files by your colleagues and collaborators will automatically be updated across the board, ensuring that you always have access to the latest version of each file. This means that you’ll never have to worry about missing updates to important files, and none of your team members will ever be out of the loop.

Protect the integrity of your data with Google Backup and Sync

Reliable backups are a must have for businesses in countless sectors, and are especially important for designers and developers who rely on having access to file revisions. Backup and Sync lets you sync Drive files directly to your computer, allowing you to select which folders and files you’d like to backup. 

Any changes made to synced files will be reflected in Google Drive, ensuring that data remains consistent and integrity is never compromised. In contrast to Drive File Stream’s similarities to IMAP for email, Backup and Sync can be likened to POP – files are stored locally on a user’s machine and can be shared between devices.

Backup and Sync is ideal for teams who rely on revisions and backups being saved to local folders and synced to Google Drive. It’s also an extremely valuable tool for businesses looking to record video conferences and meetings held on platforms like RingCentral for future reference. 

Meetings can be saved locally and automatically synced to Google Drive, where they’ll be accessible by admins and other employees. This is an invaluable resource for maintaining transparency and onboarding employees, offering important contextual information on projects, clients, and team meetings.

When it comes to the integrity of your data, your business can’t afford to take chances. In order to get the job done right to ensure reliable backups and instant file access and syncing, you need to enlist the services of a certified Google Partner. Only a Google Partner will have the expertise needed to protect your business data through the deployment of tools like Drive File Stream and Google Backup and Sync. In addition, we’re a RingCentral partner, which means we can integrate your business phone systems with G Suite and do things like back up your important calls and virtual meetings. 

ion8 is an all-in-one business consultancy and a Google Partner with a full team of experts who are ready to effectively implement G Suite, Drive File Stream, Backup and Sync, and other Google solutions throughout your entire organization. Our team will ensure that your experience is tailored to suit the unique needs of your business and its employees. For more information about how ion8 can transform the way you do business, contact us today.