One of the biggest assets your business has is expertise. The best way for you to market your business to prospective clients is to display this expertise and cement your thought leadership with clients. What better way to do this than through webinars, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Webinars have grown rapidly in popularity, and offer your team the unique opportunity to create buzz and sell your services simply by being seen as an authority in your field. In order to produce effective webinars, your business needs to be able to rely on a platform that is both powerful and easy-to-use. Thankfully, Zoho Showtime offers everything you could ever possibly need to hold a webinar to market your business and deliver meaningful training programs.

The growing popularity of webinars

Advancements in communications technology has led to webinars rapidly gaining traction as one of the best ways for business to reach an engaged audience – especially for businesses focused on B2B sales. In fact, a report by GoToWebinar showed that 73% of B2B marketers said that webinars are the best way to generate high quality leads, with ZoomInfo revealing that on average, between 20-40% of webinar attendees will become qualified leads. This offers businesses an opportunity to connect with an audience that is already interested in what they have to offer and solidify your brand as an authority in your field.

Webinars also allow you to directly address the questions and concerns of attendees, increasing the chances that satisfied attendees will become qualified leads at the end of a session. With COVID-19 still affecting businesses around the world, webinar attendance has jumped significantly, greatly increasing the size of your potential audience and the leads you can receive from holding a webinar.

Using Zoho Showtime to hold webinars and training programs

Delivering a powerful webinar requires a powerful platform, which is why so many businesses run their webinars on Zoho Showtime, an app tailor made for building your brand through impactful webinars and meaningful training. Using Zoho Showtime, your business can focus on building its reputation through powerful webinars, creating interactive webinars that encourage attendees to participate through polls, Q&As, screen sharing, and whiteboards. These features allow you to better engage your audience, increasing the chances of conversions once the session has ended.

For maximum effectiveness, Showtime can be easily integrated with Zoho CRM to capture leads directly from your webinars, which will then be sent to Zoho Books once they have been converted. This ensures that valuable customer information is captured conveniently, allowing your sales team to sell smarter. Once your session has wrapped, Zoho Showtime offers a bevy of analytics to help you and your team analyze your results, letting you measure how engaged your audience was, how well your trainers/presenters performed, and how you can continue to build on and improve future sessions.

If your business is looking to conduct training sessions, Showtime offers a wide variety of useful features including self-paced on-demand courses that allow trainees to take in your content at their own pace. This means having the ability to upload recordings and other content that are available to learners on-demand, with customizable tests and quizzes available to evaluate their progress along the way. Each training session can have multiple trainers to help deliver more effective training, and recurring sessions can be easily scheduled for repeat or multi-part training.

By using Zoho Showtime to host your upcoming webinars and training sessions, you can guarantee that each and every session you host will produce results. From interactive features and on-demand content to improve engagement to audience management and analytics, Showtime will elevate your sessions and help you generate qualified leads like never before.

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