Google Ads are an extremely effective way of delivering messages to potential customers who are searching for products and services offered by your company. Unfortunately, the space is hyper-competitive because of its effectiveness, and as such demands engaging and high quality copy in order to stand out from the crowd.

When writing Google Ads copy, you need to consider what your audience wants to hear, what will make your offerings stand out, and how you might be able to convert searchers into paying customers or compel them to visit your website and purchase your services or products. Writing effective Google Ads copy means following best practices, focusing on what makes your brand unique, doing your research, and experimenting.

Choosing between Google Ads types: ETA or RSA?

There are two types of Google Ads, Expanded Text Ads (ETA) and Responsive Search Ads (RSA), both of which have their own advantages. Expanded Text Ads feature three headline fields, two of which are mandatory, as well as two description fields with a 90-character limit. Responsive Search Ads, on the other hand, allows you to use many different headline (up to 15) and description fields (up to four), which are then assembled into multiple ad combinations by Google Ads. This means that one single RSA can provide many different combinations, with Google Ads testing them over time and learning which is most effective or relevant.

When it comes to choosing between ETA and RSA formats, there are many differing opinions. The general consensus is that both ad types used in conjunction will work well for your business, and with simple A/B testing, your marketing team can determine which has the best results. Some tests have shown that RSAs present slightly lower click-through and conversion rates, though it’s also been observed that Google Search favours the use of Responsive Search Ads. 

Best practices for writing Google Ads

Being presented with strict character limits might seem intimidating, but the truth is that writing effective Google Ads copy isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem. Successful text ads should highlight what makes your business unique, while also providing details about the products, services, or promotions you’re offering. Remember to always include a call to action, whether it’s to book an appointment, contact your business, visit a landing page, or follow you on social media – there’s no point in paying for Google Ads if you’re not encouraging viewers to take action.

Research and use appropriate keywords wherever possible (without spamming them), and ensure that your Ads are leading to the correct landing page. Marketers have found that using capitalization at the beginning of each word in your ad (Something Like This) is effective for making your ad stand out from the rest. Try not to include unnecessary repetition, poor spelling, unnecessary punctuation or too much spacing. Make sure to always identify your business by name – more often than not, inappropriate elements will result in your ad being disqualified.

In addition, during the pandemic, do not use “COVID-19” or any variants of it in your ad. It will result in disqualification over “sensitive language”. 

Keep it simple, but not stupid

Finally, don’t over complicate your copy. You only have a limited amount of space to work with, so try to keep it as simple as possible without sacrificing heart and soul. Tell your audience why your brand, product, service or promotion is worthy of their time, what makes your business different, and how they can take action. That’s all your ads should be. Don’t over explain, avoid being too wordy, and drive action – if a reader wants to know more, they can find out on your landing page.

Don’t be afraid to get experimental, it’s likely that it’ll take a few attempts to really strike gold and understand what works about your ads. Create multiple ads (the recommended number is 3-5) for each ad group – the best performing ads will be recognized by Google Ads and given priority in rotation. This will let you easily see what works and what doesn’t, informing your future Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads have exploded in popularity for a reason – they’re extremely effective at driving actions and increasing conversions. With a well-written ad that follows best practices and focuses on communicating only essential information, you’ll be able to increase CTRs and conversions in no time.

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