It’s easy for companies to buy into the usefulness of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, such are the obvious benefits of adopting one. However, employee uptake can prove difficult if employees are unfamiliar with the software or unsure of the benefits. 

Operating a business in the world we live in, amid a pandemic, only heightens the necessity of a CRM like Zoho CRM. When an employee’s brain turns off, the CRM stays on. This ensures that crucial information about customers, potential new clients, products, strategies, and more are not lost in the shuffle. So, how can you get your employees to embrace your CRM?

Making the “new normal” easier

A recent white paper from Deloitte examines how to operate in the “new normal.” It lays out two major benefits of adopting a CRM software. They included:

Automation “By enabling employees to focus on more meaningful work, technology – such as platforms that prevent double entry of data or customer relationship management (CRM) software that can analyse data – can increase engagement.”

Engagement “Our survey found that workers who use technology at work every day were twice as likely to have above average levels of engagement than those who only used it once a week and consequently were forced to complete more manual tasks.”

Operating in the New Normal, Deloitte Access Economics, 2020

If you tell employees that if they enter data in the CRM once, they will never have to add it in other places (such as email), you may inspire more buy-in and use of your CRM. In the end, it makes their job easier, and they just need to be shown that. 

Maintain workflow remotely

Zoho’s CRM software is optimized with features that make remote work, at every step, easy. Within your CRM, you can conduct presentations and receive reports, as well as convert those in attendance into leads. With all the sales numbers readily available, you won’t lose track of metrics–even while you’re away from the office. Even better, Zoho’s common feeds allow for continued collaboration and easy communication. This is just another way that Zoho CRM makes your employee’s job easier – not harder.  

Improvement in sales means better numbers for your staff

Adoption of a CRM software is a business strategy just like any other. According to Nucleus Research, companies who take advantage of the many features of a CRM see a return on investment ranging from $5.60 to $8.71 for every dollar spent. 

Zoho’s CRM comes with the assistance of Zia, its AI-powered sales assistant. With Zia, you can find CRM data instantly, get deal predictions to help identify leads, and receive alerts, suggestions, and reminders. 

Zoho’s CRM boasts the following for the business which adopt it:

– A 300% improvement in lead conversion rates.

– A 41% increase in revenue per salesperson.

– A 27% improvement in customer retention.

– Sales cycles decreased by 24%

– A 23% decrease in sales and marketing costs. 

Any salesperson who sees these numbers will want to adopt Zoho CRM right away. 

Lead from the top

If your employees are going to successfully buy into CRM software, it has to start at the top. According to a study done by Peerstone Research, lack of support and buy-in from the top has led to the adoption of CRMs failing in numerous businesses. Top-down leadership will allow for benefits to be easily translated to every department, with all data stored in a common database. Zoho provides a tremendous amount of information resources, making the learning process easy whether you are in sales, management, or any other part of the team. As an advanced partner of Zoho, ion8 is the best choice to implement and train employees on Zoho CRM.

With a simple, easy to navigate interface, and flexible contract length and pricing, Zoho’s CRM is an especially easy adoption for your business, at a time when its dependability is more important than ever. ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner, and the most uniquely well-positioned to implement it in your business and train your employees on its use. Contact us today for more.