Gmail is one of the world’s most widely used email platforms with more than 1.5 billion active users. Businesses around the world use Gmail for its simplicity, enterprise-level security and advanced features. It also integrates well with other G Suite apps and popular workplace solutions, including Zoho CRM and other Zoho One apps.

**Why you should use Gmail with Zoho
**Integrating G Suite with Zoho has many benefits for your business, letting your employees work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. Marrying G Suite and Zoho presents opportunities to do things like access Google Drive files in Zoho CRM, view Gmail conversations with customers while using Zoho CRM, create a two-way sync between Google Calendar and Zoho CRM, and so much more. With dozens of integrations possible in nearly every app across both Zoho One and G Suite, your team will have access to everything they need to work faster and more productively than ever before.

While Zoho One contains its own popular email platform, Zoho Mail, the ease of integrating Gmail with Zoho CRM and the platform’s well-rounded features worth using Gmail with Zoho wherever possible. Gmail is constantly being updated and improved, with useful features being added regularly including self-destructing emails, snooze and reminder features, email scheduling, clickable attachments, and confidential mode among others. These critical features are extremely valuable for business users who are looking to preserve the integrity of sensitive emails and boost inbox productivity.

**Integrating Gmail with Zoho properly during setup is important
**Combining the power of Gmail with Zoho CRM allows your sales team to communicate with customers directly from Zoho CRM without even having to open Gmail. Properly integrating Gmail with Zoho CRM consists of connecting the apps through an IMAP configuration, which, when properly integrated, will ensure that emails are accurately assigned to each customer in Zoho CRM. This connection allows your team to view, send, and receive Gmail conversations within Zoho CRM, eliminating the need to constantly switch between tabs so your team members can focus on making sales and creating meaningful customer relationships.