Social media isn’t just for reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones anymore – platforms like Facebook and Instagram have launched ecommerce elements to their popular social networks that let users buy from businesses and individuals without having to leave the platform.

This has been especially useful throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, making it easier for small businesses to reach customers and get their products and services to new audiences. While the introduction of platforms like Instagram Shopping were welcome by many users, is it the right choice for your business? ecommerce is more popular now than ever before, making it extremely important that you choose the right platform for selling online.

What is Instagram Shopping and how do I use it?

Shops on Instagram allow businesses to host a virtual storefront right from their Instagram Business profile, where customers will be able to browse, checkout, and get the full digital shopping experience straight from Instagram profiles, as well as on their feed and Instagram Stories. Creating and using Instagram Shopping is free for all users, allowing everybody to take advantage of the online shopping platform.

Creating a Shop on Instagram is easy – first users must confirm that they’re in an eligible location. Once this is confirmed, you’ll need to convert your Instagram profile to a Business account and connect your Facebook page. After this is done, you can upload your product catalog through the Catalog Manager or an ecommerce platform like Shopify.

Once your catalog has been uploaded, your profile must be submitted for review before it can be used by customers. Upon review and approval, simply navigate to the Business heading in your Settings, tap Shopping, select the applicable Product Catalog, and turn on the shopping feature. Voila, your Instagram Shop is created and ready for browsing.

Shopify is the most versatile ecommerce option

Shopify can be integrated with your Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shops pages for the most versatile ecommerce option available. Posts and Stories can be turned into full shopping experiences with the use of product tags, putting your products in front of more eyes than ever before and eliminating shopping barriers by providing customers with an easy-to-use checkout experience. 

When you use Shopify with Instagram Shopping, your inventory stays synced across all platforms – no matter where you’re selling. You’ll also be able to manage your shops from one convenient location, where you can schedule posts, plan ad campaigns, customize your Shop, create inventory collections, and more.

Without Shopify, your ecommerce experience could be clunky and unintuitive, especially if you’re looking to sell products on multiple platforms (including Instagram) and want to keep an accurate picture of your inventory. Creating a Shopify store and integrating it with your business’s Instagram and Facebook Business profiles lets you quickly take advantage of popular ad templates for more effective advertising campaigns, as well as more in-depth analytics than you’ll get with just an Instagram Shopping profile.

On top of seamlessly integrating with Instagram Shopping and Facebook Shops, Shopify can be integrated with a wide array of platforms through the Shopify App Store. This means you’ll be able to sell on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, and anywhere else your customers might be. A Shopify store also means being able to sell on popular online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, letting your business be where the action is without juggling a dozen different apps and accounts.

Is Instagram Shopping the right choice for your business? Yes, but only in conjunction with a Shopify store so that your business can get the best possible ecommerce experience, letting you sell to millions of potential customers across different platforms, all from one single place. Unlock the true potential of your business’s digital storefront with a fully-integrated Shopify store.

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