The ion8 team is packing their bags for New Orleans for the 2017 Clio Cloud Conference, taking place September 25 and 26, 2017. This year’s conference marks a very special one for ion8, as it is our first as a Gold Clio-Certified Consultant (CCC) and our second as a Silver Sponsor of the conference.

Sporting our new Gold CCC colours

Our boost to Gold CCC came as a result of our hard work developing custom solutions for Clio, and supporting our Clio clients with our expert digital capacities. We have integrated Clio with many other software solutions for our clients, and developed solutions that any Clio user – not just our Clio customers – can use in their legal practices.

ion8 custom Clio solutions

Our custom Clio solutions include:

1) Pipeline for Practice Management

No more “garbage” in Clio. This solution sets up your firm with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that deals with all of your leads – reserving Clio for actual Matters. When a lead converts to a case, your CRM will automatically populate Clio with all of the client information and create a new record.

2) Document Assembly Engine

Assemble documents for cases in record time with automatic document assembly. This solution grabs all the files you need from relevant sources, and keeps everything together and accessible from Clio.

3) PC Law Connector

Are you still using PC Law? Whether you want to discontinue its use and export data, or continue using Clio and PC Law in tandem, our Connector lets you export data from PC Law and import it into Clio – something that was impossible to do before ion8 came along.

Full service digital agency & marketing firm for lawyers

In addition to our Clio expertise and digital capacities, ion8 has web designers, brand strategists, social media managers, and copywriters ready to handle all of your practice needs. We really are a one-stop shop.

Come see us at Clio Cloud Conference, and find out why ion8 is your ideal partner for everything Clio.