ion8 has teamed up with Atlassian to offer clients with consulting, sales and technical implementation services relating to the software giant’s entire suite of cloud-based business solutions.

As an Atlassian-certified Silver Solution Partner, ion8 can now be your gateway to products such as project & issue tracking tool Jira, Collaborative Wiki  Confluence or  kanban task management platform Trello. Our in-depth product knowledge means we can guide you through every step of integration, from onboarding to post-implementation customization to help optimize companies like yours for scale and mitigate the challenges that come with it.

ion8 management consultant & team lead, Hamza Chundrigar, spearheaded ion8’s efforts to acquire silver level status. In addition to his hands-on Atlassian experience, He underwent rigorous training and picked up numerous accreditations & certifications to become an Atlassian Certified Professional. 

Hamza says the meticulous qualification process ensures high standards and quality of service, adding: “As partners, our ion8 consultants and specialists are continuously trained and certified by Atlassian. In this way, we ensure that the knowledge, technical expertise and implementation potential is always kept up to date which, in turn, will directly affect our ability to deliver Atlassian services and custom solutions.

“Why choose us over non-Atlassian partners? Simple — seeing as skills are considered to be one of the biggest global currencies, it’s equally important they are credible and verified by a trusted source. We are listed on Atlassian’s Partner Directory — a formal attestation that ion8 is a trusted provider of business and technical consulting, training, and licensing management all the way to advanced managed services and application lifecycle management to strengthen your enterprise architecture and agility.”

The Atlassian software solution stack

Used in nearly 200 countries around the globe, the Atlassian stack contains some of the most popular tools on the market.

The Australian firm’s flagship offering is Jira, a project tracking suite which includes Jira Work Management, Jira Software and Jira Service Management (formerly known as Jira Service Desk). This portfolio was designed for agile teams who need a flexible and fluid workspace to efficiently deliver projects with many moving parts.

Confluence is the group’s other big-hitter. Devised as an alternative to Google Drive, this is a remote workspace where you can share files, edit documents, create meeting notes and more. The tool grows and adapts to many different use cases across different types of teams, from software development planning and documentation; to tracking changes as code goes into production; to IT incident runbooks, and service request catalogs; to business team planning, marketing, and strategy documents.

Acquired by Atlassian in 2017, Trello is a new acquisition for the company, but the solution most people will be familiar with. This project management hub allows you to collaborate visually through the use of boards, lists and cards – all shared from a single, central interface that can expand and adapt as your project grows.

These are just one of the many core products that are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other, and/or any other 3rd party apps or tools you may already be using – providing hassle-free communication and collaboration across your cloud suite.

“People are losing tolerance for disparate, disconnected tools that interrupt information flow and detract from the core elements of their work. Atlassian provides a solution by offering a universal system of connected work. The underlying platform offers many different products that natively integrate with one another supporting virtually an infinite amount of organizational use cases, workflows and methodologies. It’s an incredibly scalable solution.,” says Chundrigar.

How ion8 can help

Being a Silver Level Solution Partner, ion8 can offer certain benefits to clients. In addition to technical support and product expertise, these include the ability to test-drive products before committing to a contract.

While most software offers a 14 day trial out of the box, our Atlassian partnership means we can offer a longer, more relaxed trial period of up to 6 months – giving you all the time you need to deploy, test and play with their stack. In addition to these extended trials, we can also give select clients access to free product demonstration licenses so you can try before you buy.

“Not every user has the opportunity to get enough value during a 14-day trial period due to various reasons — especially   grasping  diverse products and solutions that Atlassian offers,” says Chundrigar. “If you want to implement it company-wide and really dip your toes into the Atlassian ecosystem, we can provide long-term freestanding product demonstration environments or extended trials. That’s a huge benefit.”

And if you love your Atlassian products which we have implemented for you, we can enter you into Atlassian’s Customer Spotlight program which features client success stories across Atlassian’s worldwide network – putting your firm before a vast audience and building your brand recognition on a global scale.

Adopting Atlassian

We get it – we’re all change fatigued to some extent. Whether it’s a new tool or process we need to follow, it feels like something is always changing. It’s important to take this into account when building a plan to roll out any new change to any team – not just for changes in technology or software. To minimize the friction caused by change, ion8 can help to have all the components moving in unison. That means the people, the processes, and the tools needed to work in harmony in order to achieve change and ensure it lasts.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Atlassian can work for you, contact our team today to book a consultation. And if you want to find out more about ion8’s entire product portfolio, featuring partnerships with operators like Google, Zoho and Microsoft, sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our offerings.