Zoho is constantly looking for ways to improve its industry-leading CRM, giving users features needed to improve customer relationships and sell better, smarter, and faster than ever. Zoho CRM’s 2020 feature edition unveiled a whole host of new features and improvements that focus on the central pillars of creating lasting customer relationships: insight, experience and intelligence. The new 2020 additions to Zoho CRM allow your sales team to better understand your customers, predict their needs, personalize their journey from lead to conversion, and so much more.

Get to know your customers better than ever before

Zoho CRM has made getting to know your customers a breeze, offering a host of new features that focus on insights. These include deeper customer segmentation, which lets you segment customers based on purchase patterns, which allows your salespeople to create targeted campaigns and identify opportunities for upselling. 

Your team can also analyze webforms with useful metrics including leads generated, lead source, and abandonment rates, generating custom charts to give you a complete picture of webform performance. Finally, marketing attribution features allow you to bring together marketing and sales data, allowing you to create more effective marketing campaigns and identify when they’ll work best.

Personalize the customer journey from lead to conversion

Customer journeys are anything but linear in the modern world – each person who interacts with your business comes from a different channel, following different paths before they make their purchase decision. The addition of Zoho CommandCenter is a gamechanger for sales teams looking to personalize each customer’s journey. 

CommandCenter lets you lead each customer down a unique path from their very first interaction with your business, all the way to their purchase and beyond. You can do this by creating complex workflows to address what-ifs head on based on their actions and traits, building checks and balances into these workflows, connecting them with a customer representative who best suits their needs and issues, coordinating brand messaging across multiple channels, and so much more.

Predict customer needs to help you sell smarter

The ability to predict customer needs before they arise helps your team sell smarter than ever before. Zoho’s new intelligence features let you easily create predictions in any Zoho CRM module through the Prediction Builder. These custom predictions can be based on products, vendors, and campaigns, letting your salespeople make better informed sales decisions. Additionally, Zia can be used to gather intelligent recommendations that will help your team improve conversion rates, increase deal sizes, and identify opportunities for upselling. Zia also analyzes the interaction history of your representatives, sending prospects to the most suitable rep to ensure more successful conversions.

Multiple sales pipelines help you stay organized

One of the most exciting new Zoho CRM features is the inclusion of multiple sales pipelines. Your team can take advantage of multiple distinct sales pipelines for different products and services offered by your business, geographic regions served by your company, along with many other customizable parameters. 

This is a game changer for sales teams, allowing you to customize each stage of your sales pipeline to suit your businesses requirements, with in-depth reports available to help you analyze how each pipeline is performing. When dealing with multiple deals in your pipelines, salespeople can use Zia to identify which deals have the highest probability of converting, helping you sell more effectively.

Zoho CRM is an industry-leading customer relationship management solution which offers a nearly endless amount of customizations and integrations to help your sales team sell smarter, faster, and more effectively. The latest batch of features added to Zoho CRM gives your team the power to forge long lasting customer relationships built on trust and satisfaction through enhanced customer insights, personalization, and intelligent predictions.

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