Remote work has become normal, allowing employees to continue working safely from the comfort of their home without breaking social distancing guidelines. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that remote work is here to stay, but many continue to be hesitant about embracing this new method of working, citing worries about a potential downturn in productivity and employee collaboration.

Successful collaboration is a critical element of nearly every workplace, giving workers the opportunity to become more engaged in their work by working as part of a team, generate new and innovative ideas, and increase profitability through higher quality output. A decrease in collaboration could be disastrous for any business.

**Create remote presentations through the power of collaboration
**One of the things most affected by the sudden shift to remote work is that teams can no longer gather together to build a presentation for an upcoming pitch or marketing presentation. This challenge is easily overcome by tools like Zoho Show, a solution that emphasizes the power of effective teamwork by allowing users to work together seamlessly. Team members can watch as their colleagues add slides and edit existing ones, with a version history feature to prevent accidental data loss and to keep things organized.

Throughout the creative process, it’s natural that new and exciting ideas may come up, or changes to specific parts of a presentation be changed on the fly. Zoho Show makes this easy by offering a way for remote teams to chat with each other to easily approve additions and changes, problem-solve, and to discuss potential issues that need to be resolved before the presentation. Once the slideshow has been finished and sent for final review, your team can begin preparing for the presentation. Zoho Show makes remote broadcasting easy, letting you and your team broadcast presentations to audiences around the world. Presentations created with Show can be published to blogs, social media platforms, and embedded on websites. Presentations created in PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote can be imported easily into Zoho Show so you can take advantage of its more advanced features.

**Increase workplace productivity through collaboration
**In addition to creating presentations, your workforce needs to be able to collaborate remotely in documents, spreadsheets, and other content. Cloud-based solutions like G Suite and Zoho One offer versatile tools that allow teams to connect through email, audio and video conferencing, and collaborate in real-time on documents, proposals, spreadsheets, and so much more. Where other productivity platforms are clunky and unintuitive, G Suite and Zoho One offer tools that have been created with user experience in mind.

Employees can create, edit, and share workplace files instantly, working in real-time with colleagues to create higher quality projects and meet tight deadlines. Virtual meetings can be held through tools like Google Hangouts Meet and Zoho Cliq, bringing together your entire workforce no matter where they are and offering great opportunities for team building. Zoho Cliq and Zoho Show come as part of the Zoho One app bundle, which includes many other helpful apps including Zoho CRM.

Smart integrations can be easily applied to get the most out of G Suite and Zoho apps, unifying your business solutions with CRM solutions, VoIP systems, productivity solutions, and business intelligence tools. Integrating business tools means that your team members can work smarter by cutting out mundane data entry and menial processes, letting employees focus on making sales, generating leads, and creating perfect presentations for their upcoming pitch.

Having access to intelligent tools that enhance remote collaboration and communication means that your employees can thrive in this new era of working from home, and employers can finally stop worrying about a potential loss of productivity, camaraderie, and efficiency, and focus their efforts on adapting and growing the business in a post-COVID world.

ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner and Google Partner with a full team of experienced consultants who will help your workplace seamlessly transition to remote work through the implementation of tools like Zoho One and G Suite, and custom integrations that bring your workplace solutions together in harmony. For more information about everything that ion8 can do for your business, contact us today.