Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions have been an integral tool for businesses around the world, allowing companies to build and maintain stronger and ultimately more profitable relationships with customers.

A wealth of CRM options are currently available to businesses, each with their own unique benefits and limitations. Two of the options available are Zoho CRM and Salesforce. Salesforce is undoubtedly the biggest name in the CRM space but lacks many of the features that make Zoho CRM an industry-leading CRM solution.

**Zoho One gives your team access to dozens of essential tools
**In addition to getting more bang for your buck, Zoho One, Zoho’s all-in-one suite of integrated business applications, is also readily available to businesses. Zoho One gives you access to the Enterprise level of Zoho CRM and gives your entire team access to over 40 intuitive cloud-based business applications, including sales, marketing, communication, support, productivity, and finance tools.

These apps can be seamlessly connected between teams throughout your organization, improving processes and allowing employees to be more productive than ever before. Zoho One plans start at just $30/user per month billed annually, giving your team the tools they need to collaborate and communicate seamlessly on their favourite desktop and mobile platforms.

**Integrations made easy
**Zoho CRM seamlessly integrates with other Zoho apps to give your team access to unique and in-depth customer insights. Some of the most useful integrations with Zoho CRM including project management tools like Projects and Sprints, allowing your team members to better manage existing client projects and their relationship with ongoing projects and campaigns. Integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Books will also give employees information about whether clients are making payments on time, payment histories and more – all without navigating outside of your CRM solution.

Additionally, Zoho CRM can be seamlessly integrated with business productivity suites including G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 for added functionality, including the ability to log customer data directly from your email inbox.

While Salesforce also has built-in integration with G Suite, other integrations which are free in Zoho cost money in Salesforce or may require an upgrade to the next pricing tier. For example, Zoho and Quickbooks integrate natively, where Salesforce and Quickbooks will not integrate at the lowest pricing tier for Salesforce.

**More bang for your buck with Zoho
**The most immediately noticeable difference between Salesforce and Zoho CRM is pricing. This is extremely important for businesses who aren’t looking to break the bank with a reliable CRM solution, or for those working with limited software budgets. Zoho CRM monthly plans start at $12/user per month, with Professional plans starting at $20/user per month, and Enterprise level plans starting at $35/user per month.

All Zoho CRM subscriptions are billed monthly without any need for annual commitments. Salesforce CRM plans, on the other hand, are billed annually, with Salesforce Essentials, a small business CRM for up to 10 users, starting at $25/user per month. More advanced plans, including Professional and Enterprise plans, start at $75/user/month and $150/user/month respectively.

Zoho proves that the least expensive option can be the best. With all of the added value that Zoho CRM offers such as easy integrations and more functionality than Salesforce even at Zoho CRM’s lowest price tiers, it is the clear choice. Zoho One gives you access to much more than just Zoho CRM, with project management tools, analytics, a full-service accounting package, and much more.

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