Your employees are the backbone of your organization – hosting a full team of talented people will provide stability and support to your company, and ensure that you can continue to grow and thrive. In order to stay ahead of the curve, your business needs to have the best and most qualified employees on board at all times. Zoho One makes recruitment, onboarding, and exit management easy for your human resources department, giving you complete power over the hiring process so that you can find new talent faster than ever before.

**Zoho Recruit lets you find talented candidates faster
**The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt faster than ever before – everything about the work world has changed, including the hiring process. Hosting an entirely remote workforce means relying on technology solutions to find top talent. Zoho Recruit is the perfect solution to the modern hiring process, giving your HR department full control over every aspect of recruitment. The powerful cloud-based staffing solution makes posting job openings, parsing resumes, and finding talented candidates seamless.

Your business can host multiple job postings, letting you publish listings to your website, job board aggregates and social media channels, ensuring that postings are seen by as many eyes as possible. From there, Recruit’s applicant tracking systems let you easily pre-screen applications and search resumes, speeding up the process so you can find qualified job seekers faster. Advanced recruitment analytics and auto-generated reports mean that you can make informed hiring decisions and fix what isn’t working. Once you’ve identified qualified candidates, you can schedule remote job interviews, roll out job offers, conduct background screening, and collect e-signatures.

**Onboarding and offboarding with Zoho People
**Once you’ve welcomed new talent to the team, you can begin the quick onboarding process. New employees can be seamlessly flipped from Zoho Recruit to Zoho People, Zoho’s powerful human resources platform. This integration between Recruit and People automatically converts successful candidates into employees in all Zoho One apps, streamlining the recruitment process and letting you and your new hires focus on what’s most important. After new hires have been converted to entries in Zoho People, they’ll be able to begin viewing and signing company policies and other important onboarding forms.

Zoho People makes it easy to get new employees up-to-speed instantly, allowing you to share objectives, procedures, and tasks with them, and even introduce them to their new colleagues. On the HR side of things, workflows can be easily generated to ensure that a new company email address is created, appropriate equipment and materials are sent to new hires, and other administrative processes are completed in a timely manner. As new users make their way through the onboarding process, you’ll be able to track their progress in real time and view accepted or rejected offers.

If and when the time comes, exit management can also be handled through Zoho People, where resignation forms can be submitted by users and sent for review and approval by HR, email alerts sent to payroll for processing, exit task lists generated, and fields updated to ensure that once employees have been offboarded, they will no longer have access to valid Zoho One credentials.

With Zoho One, finding, hiring, and onboarding new employees is made easier than ever before. Rather than spend countless hours searching for ideal candidates, your HR department can streamline and automate processes to find and hire employees efficiently so you and your team can focus on what’s most important.

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