Having a versatile accounting package is a surefire way to help your business get a handle on invoicing, negotiating new deals, raising sales orders, and most importantly, getting paid quicker. If you’re searching for an affordable account package, you may have come across Zoho Books, Zoho’s online accounting software that helps your business automate workflows and work across departments.

At first glance, Zoho Books may not appear to be as robust as other packages, but with end-to-end accounting capabilities, seamless collaboration, and an integrated platform, it’s far more versatile than you can imagine. Especially when you add that with a Zoho One user license you automatically get access to the powerful Zoho Analytics, a data analytics software that lets you create custom data visualizations, discover new insights, and analyze your data visually like never before. The best part? With a Zoho One license, you get instant access to a nearly endless amount of workplace apps and tools for the same price as most accounting packages.

Get paid on time, every time with Zoho Books

Zoho Books is the easiest way for your business to create professional estimates and invoices, letting you get paid on time, every time. Gone are the days of chasing after payments, as Zoho Books lets you automatically send out payment reminders to delinquent customers. Books can handle just about anything you can throw at it – from collecting deposits and securing invoices with digital signatures to verifying transactions and managing returns and refunds, Zoho Books offers unparalleled flexibility for your business, especially when paired with Zoho Analytics.

The true value of business intelligence with Zoho Analytics

Business intelligence metrics are an extremely valuable asset to your business, allowing you to be more competitive by seeing opportunities before your competitors do. Zoho Analytics allows business owners to see new opportunities and insights that were previously invisible, turning raw data into actionable reports that can unlock exciting new opportunities for your team. 

Never before has your data held so much potential. Business intelligence metrics offered by Zoho Analytics makes tracking key business metrics easy, lets you track long term trends, and identify hidden insights and outliers that can help you optimize business operations, gain a complete view of your data, and grow your business more efficiently.

Financial analytics let you make informed business decisions

Zoho Analytics makes it possible to easily analyze your financial data visually and create more insightful reports that work to identify how your business is performing, and what the future holds. Every department in your business can gain access to custom dashboards that allow management to make data-driven decisions, and data blending features means that your team can seamlessly combine data from different sources like your CRM solution for valuable cross functional reports. Zoho Analytics even boasts collaborative features that allows your team members to create custom reports together, securely sharing data and reports among departments and teams.

In addition to impressive financial analytics, Zoho Analytics boasts versatile KPI dashboards to help your team track key performance indicators. From Finance KPI dashboards that measure cash flow, assets, and debts, Project Management KPI dashboards that unlock new visibility into how your team is working, and Social Media KPI dashboards to help you gather deeper insights into your target audience, you’ll be better prepared to make critical financial decisions, improve employee productivity, build brand awareness, and empower your workforce – all with one powerful analytics tool.

Zoho One boasts more than 40 intelligent cloud-based applications – including Zoho CRM – that let you run your entire business with one integrated operating system, all for the price of what you pay for a standard accounting package. ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner with a full team of experienced consultants ready to help transform the way you do business by seamlessly implementing and integrating solutions like Zoho One. For more information on how the team at ion8 can change the way you do business, get in touch with us today.