Your CRM is one of the most important tools in your arsenal, bringing together critical information that allows your team to build meaningful relationships with customers, letting salespeople work smarter and faster, and increasing the chances of repeat customers. It’s not enough for your CRM to log data from emails and phone calls – in order to get a complete picture of your business’s interactions with customers, you need to be able to tie in social media conversations. Zoho CRM recognizes the value of social media to your entire team, combining the world’s most versatile CRM solution with the power of social media.

Perfect for your team’s social media manager

Zoho CRM isn’t just the perfect tool for your sales team, but its focus on social selling makes it the ideal solution for your company’s social media manager. Many social media managers mistakenly make use of a social media management tool to interact with customers, losing a great deal of valuable information along the way. When customer interactions are performed through social media management tools, they aren’t logged in your company’s CRM solution, meaning that customer history and contextual information is lost in the shuffle, and ultimately unavailable (and useless) to your sales and support teams.

In order to maintain a full picture of customer history, experienced social media managers need to be using Zoho CRM to interact and engage with clients. They’ll be able to easily access a full stream of social media interactions, eliminating the possibility of missing out on new comments, shares, messages, and DMs. Social media managers can quickly delegate interactions to members of your sales team, ensuring that they sell more effectively. Gone are the days of copying, pasting and emailing conversations to team members – Zoho CRM makes this part of social media management more efficient than ever.

With Zoho CRM’s social media features, you’ll also be able to easily keep your audience engaged by responding to messages and comments. Using a CRM also enables your social media manager to assign conversations to the best people and/or departments to handle them, ensuring the speedy response your clients expect when they use social media to contact you. 

The only way to get a full history of customer interactions

Complete customer records are critical to your sales team’s ability to create relationships. The only way to get a full picture of a customer’s history of interacting with your business is to be able to capture conversations from popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once a potential customer DMs your business, likes, shares, or comments on a post, you can automatically convert those activities into new leads in Zoho CRM using custom rules. As soon as contacts are added to Zoho CRM, their entire history will be accessible in the Social tab, offering real-time information about each and every lead obtained from social media channels.

Even better is Zoho CRM’s ability to maintain multiple social media profiles for different products and services offered by your business. Keeping all your profiles and pages under one brand is easier than ever before, with integrations between Zoho Social and Zoho CRM making it easy to keep up with all your channels seamlessly.

Selling is inherently social – in order for your sales team to perform at their best, they need a CRM solution that lets as much customer data into their hands as possible. Zoho CRM takes social media management and intelligent selling to the next level, giving your team everything they need to sell faster, smarter, and more effectively than ever before.

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