Companies of all sizes need to have instant access to a versatile and scalable customer relationship management (CRM) solution to form meaningful relationships with clients, increase retention rates and revenue, and to compete in increasingly crowded markets. Zoho CRM is an effective and highly customizable solution that allows teams to do business smarter and faster than ever before.

Why your business needs a CRM solution

Customer data is extremely valuable in being able to create and foster long-term relationships with clients – without this data, your sales team is essentially firing shots in the dark. CRM solutions take every aspect about clients, collating them into one intelligent platform that gives sales and other departments everything they need to sell more effectively. Zoho CRM turns mundane data entry into something far more intelligent and valuable to your business, giving you and your team the time and information they need to create and maintain valuable customer relationships.

How Zoho CRM measures up with other solutions

There is a wide assortment of CRM solutions available that all make claims about being better than the last. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine which one will work for your business, and how many of these claims are marketing tactics and nothing more. One of the most recognizable of these CRM solutions is Salesforce, which works to help businesses manage sales, service, and marketing departments. Though Salesforce stands out as one of the leading solutions, it lacks a number of important features that have made Zoho CRM stand above the rest.

There’s a reason that Zoho is often touted as being the smarter, faster, better multichannel CRM solution – it’s an easy-to-use and endlessly customizable solution that has been successfully rolled out by small and large businesses around the globe. Zoho CRM gives your entire team the power to prioritize emails by sales pipeline, live chat with website visitors, make telephony sales calls with a single click, and capture leads and data from business social media channels. In-depth analytics give your team members the information they need to streamline processes and sell more effectively, creating a stronger, more confident sales team and increasing revenue. Zoho CRM easily integrates with productivity suites like G Suite and Office 365, and can be fully customized to better suit the needs and preferences of your business and its sales team.

Zoho CRM can also be easily connected with a wide range of apps found in Zoho One, Zoho’s integrated suite of more than forty business productivity apps. Zoho One gives you instant access to versatile apps that manage business finances, allow your team members to easily collaborate and communicate, and work towards improving the customer experience. Connecting Zoho CRM is simple, ensuring that your entire is always on the same page, and that business data is used to its fullest extent.

Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce

Zoho CRM offers three editions for users, starting at just $20 USD per user/month, whereas Salesforce begins at $75 per user/month – that’s a $55 increase just for Salesforce’s basic edition. The $75 per user plan doesn’t allow for users to manage customer and sales details, which is a vital aspect of any worthwhile CRM solution. In order to unlock these necessary features that come with the basic version of Zoho CRM, users need to upgrade to the $150 per user/month edition if they choose Salesforce instead.

Additionally, the bare bones version of Salesforce lacks any of the AI features that define Zoho CRM. These include lead and deal prediction, analytics, email sentiments, a conversational AI built-in sales assistant, as well as suggestions and recommendations. Intelligent features like marketing automation, inventory management, and sales activity gamification are also available to Zoho CRM users at the Professional and Enterprise levels. In order for Salesforce users to take advantage of these features, they’re required to pay additional fees and are often forced to use third-party connectors. ion8 features a full team of experienced Zoho-certified consultants and developers who can deploy, connect, and integrate Zoho CRM to perfectly suit the needs of your business. For more information about what Zoho CRM can do for your business, and to learn about the many custom integrations available exclusively through ion8, contact us today