Zoho offers some of the most versatile business solutions in the world, featuring built-in integrations with many of your favourite CRM and productivity solutions, telephony systems, business intelligence software, and more. The possibilities don’t end there – Zoho developers create custom integrations that bring your workplace tech stack together in a way that can revolutionize the way your business works, identifying possibilities and creating opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

If your business isn’t currently taking advantage of custom integrations designed by a Zoho Advanced Partner, there’s no telling what opportunities you and your team might be missing out on.

**Why using webhooks alone isn’t enough
**With so many integrations made possible by Zoho, it’s natural that there are a number of ways to go about these connections. Some integrations are natively supported by Zoho apps and other popular workplace solutions like G Suite, Quickbooks, payment gateways like PayPal and Authorize.Net, and others. Other integrations are made possible by webhooks through tools like Zapier, Zoho Flow, and IFTTT. Webhooks (sometimes called web callbacks or reserve APIs) allow your Zoho apps to communicate with other solutions in real-time (and vice versa), delivering data to applications whenever something happens within it, delivering data immediately.

While webhooks sound great, more often than not they’re a basic, feeble, and unintelligent way to connect your tools. Webhooks are typically deployed by consultancies without the prowess, architectural wherewithal, or manpower to deliver custom middleware, resulting in a less than satisfying experience for your business because they can break without you knowing it, resulting in a loss of valuable leads at the very least.

These integrations don’t inform users when they aren’t working as they should be, and the situation can drag out for days, weeks, or months before it’s discovered. By the time you realize that anything is wrong, it’s too late – your business will have already lost considerable amounts of data, time, and money. Rather than invest more time, energy, and money into patching together another sloppy (and temporary) connection, this is usually when businesses finally make the decision to seek out a credentialed Zoho Advanced Partner to get the job done right.

**The development capabilities of a Zoho Advanced Partner
**The only way to ensure that your integrations are intelligent, meaningful and long lasting is to enlist the services of a Zoho Advanced Partner with a full team of certified consultants. Zoho integrations should be built to last with clear benefits to your business, neither of which out-of-the-box offerings accomplish. Rather than make due with a temporary webhook, your business deserves real middleware designed by a capable consultant, featuring rules, expectations, and notifications that guarantee your solutions are working together in a way that matters to you and your team. Middleware designed by experienced consultants follows best practices and ensures that your systems are reliable and scalable at all times. Obviously we’ll build your solutions to be as unbreakable as possible, but we’ll have fail safes and notifications built in if they do, ensuring that problems get fixed when they occur.

A Zoho Advanced Partner like ion8 has the resources, experience, and knowledge necessary to forge intelligent, savvy middleware that will get you the most out of your tech stack, unifying every tool in your arsenal in ways that benefit you directly. We’ll work with you directly to eliminate redundancies, identify what isn’t working, determine what your business needs and make it happen with our team of back end and front end developers. Our team is led by a veteran tech industry CTO, Jim Cassidy, who oversees all development efforts, keeping them on track and offering transparency that other agencies won’t give you.

Properly integrating Zoho with the rest of your business tech stack gives you a homogeneous arsenal that will revolutionize your operations. ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner with a team of experienced Zoho consultants and developers ready to help you transform the way you do business. To find out more about the services offered by ion8, contact us today.