In order to craft professional looking invoices, quickly send accurate estimates, automatically remind clients about payments, and most importantly, get paid faster, businesses need access to a smart invoicing solution that makes getting paid easier and faster. Zoho Invoice is the ideal solution for small businesses looking for a simple all-in-one online invoicing solution, offering an easy-to-navigate layout, custom templates, workflow automation, and real-time communication and collaboration that simplifies the invoicing process and gets you back to what matters most about your business.

Zoho Invoice offers efficient invoicing and estimates, easy online payments, and more

Boasting a wide array of useful invoicing features, Zoho Invoice is the simpler alternative to solutions like QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, and other online invoicing solutions. Businesses with under five users can even use Zoho Invoice free of charge, only paying as your business grows. This makes it the perfect invoicing solution for small and micro businesses, offering simple and efficient invoice creation that can be custom made and sent to clients in an instant, ensuring that you get paid faster.

Customers enjoy the freedom of being able to easily make online payments, with recurring payments and payment reminder features that eliminate the chances of forgetting about payments. Estimates can be easily generated and sent to customers, where they can approve them directly from the client portal. Estimates can then be converted into invoices or projects with a single click, cutting out time consuming tasks so that you can focus on giving customers the best possible service.

Project time and expense tracking

Your time is one of the most valuable assets that your business has at its disposal, making it crucial that it’s spent wisely. Zoho Invoice offers project time tracking features to help you stay on top of where your time is being spent, ensuring that you bill clients for every hour you spend working on projects. Invoice allows you to track time manually or through timers, and automatically keep track of unbilled hours and billable expenses. Easy expense tracking lets you scan and attach expense receipts for accurate record-keeping, set up recurring expenses, and visually break down how much your business has spent in the form of a simple pie chart or detailed reports.

Zoho Invoice vs Zoho Books

As your business grows and takes on more clients and employees, it’s natural that your invoicing and accounting needs will evolve. You’ll eventually require something that not only allows you to handle the invoicing side of things, but also your bookkeeping. While Zoho Invoice is the ideal invoicing solution for small businesses, it also acts as a perfect introduction to Zoho Books, Zoho’s well-rounded accounting solution. Zoho Books is trusted by companies around the world, offering advanced invoice and estimate creations features, and boasting a wide assortment of features to help you take care of all your accounts receivable and accounts payable needs.

Both Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice are both included in Zoho One, a suite of more than 40 integrated business applications that help you manage clients and employees, automate business processes, and increase employee productivity and efficiency.

ion8 is a Zoho Advanced Partner with a full team of experienced Zoho consultants who are ready to help you scale your business and improve its processes by implementing and integrating powerful cloud business applications like Zoho One. No matter what stage your business is at, our team can help you implement Zoho Invoice, Zoho Books, and Zoho One throughout your workplace, ensuring that you and your team have the tools needed to thrive. For more information about everything that ion8 can do for your business, contact us today.