Effective project management is crucial for any successful project, requiring clearly defined tasks, goals, and end dates, along with plenty of transparent communication and many (sometimes too many) reports and charts to help you track progress and ensure success. Zoho Projects is the simple project management solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes, offering detailed reporting, seamless task management, automated workflows, time tracking features, integrations, and unmatched customization to help you take control over workplace projects.

**Task management features help you allocate, automate, and break down projects
**Task management is imperative when it comes to breaking down your project into workable parts. Projects lets you allocate tasks to certain team members and allows you to automate workflows to maximize your team’s productivity. Zoho Projects boasts a variety of task management features to help you and your team break up projects and allocate tasks, allowing you to set project managers, descriptors, end dates, and other custom fields.

Task management can be extremely helpful in prioritizing elements of a project, ensuring that high priority tasks are assigned early and that all tasks are completed in the appropriate order. Zoho Projects also allows you to be able to better recognize when milestones are being hit, helping your team better visualize how far along the project is, and reflect on what has been done, and what’s to come. Tasks can be automated using Blueprint to help pull in team members at the right time, and automatically visualize the flow of processes like approvals and follow-ups.

**Easily track project milestones, tasks, and events
**Projects are collaborative efforts and should be treated as such. The social project management aspects of a project are just as important as reports and how the various aspects of projects are broken down.

Zoho Projects gives your team access to a live feed that allows everybody to stay on the same page about the progress of a project, letting team members comment on posts and create new ones to show off how their tasks are coming along. Forums can be easily created for starting discussions and asking questions, and knowledgebase pages can be generated to make onboarding seamless. Zoho Projects works to ensure that every member of your team is heard and acknowledged during the lifespan of a project.

**Detailed reporting available for every level of organization
**In order to make informed decisions, you need to have access to accurate reports, charts, and dashboards that offer information about a project’s progress, resources, and tasks. Zoho Projects offers a wide variety of in-depth charts and reporting features, including simple drag-and-drop Gantt charts that help you better analyze how the progress of a project compares to the established timeline. Resource utilization charts allow you to know which members of your team are at risk of burning out, and which employees can afford to take on a little extra work and take the load off, overburdened teammates.

Custom task reports can be easily created, and Projects can be integrated with Zoho Analytics to help you better visualize key project metrics. Zoho Projects is also loaded with time tracking features including timesheets and automatic time logging, integration with Zoho Invoice to generate invoices based on timesheet data, and so much more.

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