We’ve previously written about how you can easily connect Gmail with Zoho CRM, giving your workforce the power of the world’s most versatile email platform combined with the versatility of Zoho CRM. Connecting Gmail with Zoho CRM eliminates the need to constantly switch between tabs, letting your sales teams focus on what they do best – making sales and nurturing fruitful customer relationships. While it’s important to understand how to integrate Gmail with Zoho, you may want to understand how doing so can benefit your business. Aside from the obvious productivity gains, there are fulsome benefits to integrating Gmail with the Zoho ecosystem – many of which you might not be aware of.

Add your digital signature to documents straight from Gmail

Digital signatures are great for obtaining important paperwork quickly and efficiently, cutting out a great deal of unnecessary waiting and speeding up the process of closing deals and establishing partnerships. When you integrate Gmail with Zoho Sign, you and your team gain the advantage of being able to add your digital signature to documents from the comfort of your inbox. In addition to signing documents, integrating Gmail and Sign lets you set up e-sign workflows so that you can collect signatures and gain approvals faster than ever before, eliminating the waiting and letting you and your team focus on the task at hand.

Back up your Gmail with Zoho Mail

Your Gmail account being compromised means losing access to every single email you’ve ever received or sent – this means losing out on critical emails that offer context to customers and their histories, as well as project details and messages that are essential for eDiscovery purposes. By integrating Gmail with Zoho Mail, you’re creating a second line of defense for your historical emails and mitigate the opportunity for disaster. When integration is completed, you’ll be able to access historical emails from within Zoho Mail, creating a backup of important business emails and giving you complete peace of mind.

As a side note, you should also look into Google Vault for backing up important files and email if you are a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) client.

Update Zoho Books contacts with one click

Zoho Books is one of the most popular Zoho apps for a reason, offering a versatile and powerful accounting package that can be used to make better informed decisions about your business’s finances. Connecting Gmail with Zoho Books means getting the best of the two solutions, giving you the ability to easily access Zoho Books transactions from Google Workspace for added convenience. You’ll also be able to quickly import your Gmail contacts into Zoho Books with one click, ensuring that your contacts are synced at all times and that nobody gets left behind.

Endless possibilities for integrations

There are a number of other incredible integrations between Gmail and Zoho apps, including Gmail to Zoho Campaigns, where you’ll be able to create Campaigns subscribers from starred emails, Gmail to Zoho Desk, which enables you to send emails from Gmail for new Zoho Desk tickets, and Gmail to Zoho Expense, allowing you to send Gmail messages for new reports in Zoho Expense.

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