Reduce revenue leakage in Clio with ion8’s Call Connector

ion8’s Call Connector is a custom-built web app that integrates RingCentral with Clio, automating call logs to limit revenue leakage. Once installed and configured, the call pop becomes a part of the RingCentral app. View Contact details, Matters, call history, and notes associated with each call directly from Clio in RingCentral. Any edits made within the call pop in RingCentral are automatically synced and saved in Clio.

Keep your calls focused

Get contextual data about your Contacts for more personalized calls with all information in one place. Whether an outbound or inbound call, the Call Connector pulls that Contact’s information from Clio and displays it directly in the call pop, eliminating manual searches. If an unrecognized caller comes in, their information can be associated with an existing Contact in Clio directly from the call pop.

Automatically track billable time

Diligent time tracking is hard, especially as your firm grows and gets busier. The Call Connector automatically logs calls to both the Contact and Matter in the Communications section, and allows you to add notes directly in the call pop. No need to jump back and forth between RingCentral and various Clio pages – it’s all accessible from the same screen. You can edit the notes too, and the most recent version will be saved.

Customize visible fields

Stay focused on the things that matter by decluttering your call screen. The Call Connector is customizable to either expand or limit the number of fields visible in the call pop to allow you to handle calls effectively and efficiently.



Works on all devices (desk phones, mobile, virtual). No contracts, cancel anytime.


per user / month


Need customization for one-way or two-way syncing? Contact us to discuss your requirements

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